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Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer

Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer is a cylindrical, vertical closed vessel made as per pressure vessel code. The vessel is fitted with plane filter media, either metallic or synthetic at the lower end of the vessel. Specially designed, slow speed, robust agitator assembly is mounted on vessel. The agitator design adopted is advanced and unique to this system. The "S" type self centering blades are made from heavy sections to handle liquid as well as solids. It has four movements; each movement, either single or in combination is designed to carry out specific operations.

The movements of agitator are:

1. Clockwise rotation
For smoothening cake surface and compacting it during filtration.

2. Anticlockwise rotation
For stirring near filter media to keep it clear of sedimentation and automated discharging.

3.Upward movement
Operated by hydraulic cylinders at constant speed to assist mixing.

4.Downward movement
Operated by hydraulic cylinders with variable speed to assist squeezing and discharging.

Hydraulic power pack is a part of the system.
It has multiple functions viz:

1.Discharge valve operation for labour-free cake removal.

2.Lowering and lifting the Agitator

3.Lowering the detachable bottom when provided.

The above features along with precision in manufacturing give excellent process control viz filtering,spreading, compacting,reslurring,discharging and drying

Discharge Valve :

Plug type side discharge valve is provided near the filter plate.
Designed as per customer requirements:

- Metal to Metal sealing.

- Quick open-able doors.

Cake Discharging Valve is circular-plug type,welded on the shell just above the filter plate,When closed,it takes exact shape of the vessel.A control panel is ergonomically placed on the machine,housing all controls.One person can effectively monitor and control entire process.Mechanical,electrical and hydraulic safety features are incorporated to operate the machine safely.

Detachable Bottom

- Filter Dryer when supplied with detachable bottom can be lifted/lowered by hydraulic cylinders.Unique quick descending/ascending arrangement is also available where the bottom is held is position by hydraulic during pressure filtration.This arrangement can assist in quick changing of filter cloth and product change.

- We provide external heating from bottom by inlet and outlet nozzles.


Jacket can be of SS/MS material as per customer requirement for providing external heating

Internal Heating

- We provide internal heating through shaft and blade.

- It is fully leak proof arrangement,which can never interfere in the process of filtration and drying.

Filter Media:Filter cloth

- Filter media is selected as per specific 'process requirements.

They are textile cloth from natural or synthetic fibers.

Alternately sintered plate material or wedge wire Screens can also be provided instead of filter cloth.

 Model No.  Filter Area M2  Working Volume Litres Max.Cake Volume Litres Diameter D mm Overall Height H mm  Motor hp
FD-1 1.1 900 450 1200 3750 7.5
FD-2 1.7 1400 700 1500 3900 10
FD-3 2.5 2500 1000 1800 4500 10
FD-4 3.4 3500 1400 2100 4700 12.5
FD-5 4.9 5000 2200 2500 4700 20
FD-6 5.7 6000 2550 2700 4800 20
FD-7 7.0 7000 3050 3000 4900 25
FD-8 9.6 10000 4050 3500 5000 30

Note :

1) Designs are subjects to change with a view towards continuing improvment

2) Sizes Lower than/higher than those indicated above are offered.

3) The models as listed above are indcative, but not exhaustive.

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